Meeting Rooms

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The meeting rooms at Reed Memorial Library are primarily for library activities.  Priority is given to events sponsored by the library, the Friends of Reed Memorial Library and the library’s Foundation. This policy is for use of the library rooms by outside groups and does not apply to the library’s programs or the programs of the Friends or the Foundation.

  • In addition to library use, because a core library value is to build community, the rooms may be used by groups in the Ravenna community.

The library does not discriminate in making its premises available for use.  Use of the library meeting rooms in no way constitutes endorsement by the library staff or board of trustees of the viewpoints presented or of the policies or beliefs of those using the meeting rooms.


Local non-profit groups may use the meeting rooms.

Local businesses and commercial groups may use the meeting rooms but not as a place of business.  Acceptable uses are for sales meeting, conferences and training sessions.  The rooms may not be used for the sale or promotion of business products or services.

Rooms may not be used for social events such as birthday or graduation parties.


Rooms are available during library open hours when not needed for library programs.   Meeting room speakers and participants will not be admitted before the library opens, and must leave before the library closes.


Groups must submit a completed reservation application to the Head of Circulation.  Forms are available at the library and on-line.

Reservations must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the event.

A group may use meeting rooms a maximum of twelve (12) times per year.

Reservations will be accepted up to three (3) months in advance.  Exceptions will be made for groups meeting monthly or annual special events.

Groups who cancel should provide at least 48 hours notice.

Room Set Up and Charges

Effective January 2014 the rooms will be arranged in a pre-determined set up (see plans).  Groups are responsible for arranging the chairs, tables and other equipment to meet their own needs.  Following use of the room, groups must return the room to its original state.

In most cases there is no charge for the use of the meeting rooms to approved groups.  Donations are welcome and accepted.  The custodial fees are eliminated effective 1-1-2014 – except in the case when a group wants to use both the Haymaker and Jenkins rooms.

Due to the large amount of staff time involved, any group wanting to use both rooms will pay a non-refundable $75 custodial fee.  The meeting will be confirmed only when the library has received both application and payment.

Charges may be assessed for damages to library property.


All publicity about the meeting or event must clearly state that the library is merely the site of the meeting or event and not its sponsor.  The name, address or telephone number of the library may not be used as the contact address for an organization.  The library assumes no responsibility for publicizing the events of groups using the rooms.

Other rules

  • Groups using the rooms may not charge admission or require donations.

  • Groups should bring all necessary equipment – computers, projectors, flip charts, etc.

  • Meetings and programs that might disturb regular Library operations are not permitted.

  • A library sponsored program may “bump” the community from use of the room.  Such “bumping” would be done only after an attempt to provide an alternate location or date for the group.

  • No storage is available for groups using the meeting rooms.

  • Decorating is not permitted.  No items should be attached to the walls.

  • The library’s parking spaces are available to anyone and may not be reserved exclusively for meeting attendees.

  • Food is permitted but cooking facilities are not available.  No open flames or candles are permitted.

  • No alcohol or smoking is permitted on Library property.

  • Youth groups must have at least one adult advisor present.  Applications will only be accepted from an adult who will assume full responsibility.

  • Animals are not permitted except those trained to aid persons with special needs or for Library sponsored programs.

  • Gambling, bingo, casinos or wagering of any kind is prohibited.

  • The library may deny reservations to groups who do not abide by the rules.

  • The board and the library staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending any meeting or program in the library.


Effective January 2014